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We invite you to become the designer of your own bespoke shirt. Experience the joy of creating an unique shirt.

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About Tailored Shirt Online

Founded in 2009, Tailored Shirt Online is the online marktet leader in the field of tailored shirts.

We offer our customer the full freedom to design their own shirt through selecting from a wide range of styles.

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A tailored shirt easily beats the ordinary off-the-peg shirts. Since each body is unique, a ready-made shirt never perfectly matches the fit of a tailored shirt. The custom shirt is tailored precisely to your body shape. And once you have given us the right sizes, which is surprisingly simple with our 3D Shirt Designer, the measurements are stored in our database, so every future order does not require any more 'customized' work than 1 click on the button.

Quality first

The difference between ready-made and tailored shirts speaks for itself. Faddists, connoisseurs, and specialists in the field of men's shirts have one thing in common: they instantly and effortlessly pick out the wearer of a tailored shirt. The perfect fit, the use of better fabrics, the subtle finish, it's all in the details. Anyone with an eye for quality who has worn a tailored shirt wants nothing else. Plus, of course, we remember the necessary accessories; for a tailored shirt a matching tie is a must. Therefore these are abundantly found at Tailored Shirt Online.

Contemporary Custom shirts & non-iron fabrics

Perfect fit requires perfect fabric. Therefore our buyers have been following the most topical trends for more than 20 years, and select fabrics on quality, comfort, and design. Thus all our tailored shirts are made from the finest cotton. A tailored shirt should not only look good and be comfortable. Its fabric should also add to the experience of luxury and a sublime wearer feeling. Within our cotton collection we have non-iron fabrics which you can use to instantly create a tailored wrinkle free shirt.

Tailored shirts available online for every man.

Our tailored shirts are available online: effortlessly order tailored shirts online, because our average customer is busy enough already. We also offer spicy prices; tailored shirts accessible and affordable for every man. Our tailored shirts are available in different price categories; you can order a unique tailored shirt refined to the smallest detail and finesse from € 49.95. Quality for every man available online is exactly what Tailored Shirt Online stands for and focuses on.

by Steven Wagner

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